Would you like to take part in the adventure of the

Great Christmas Markets?

We will be back soon for the 2022 edition of the Montreal Christmas Markets
Join us to take part in unique and magical moments!

Become an artisan in 2022!

Our authentic Christmas markets, spread across Montreal, offer locals

and visitors the chance to enjoy local crafts and celebrate local products

in a magical atmosphere.


We are committed to putting local talent and the local economy

in the spotlight.


Are you a local craftsman or caterer who offers products that fit in with the spirit of a traditional Christmas market, such as handmade jewellery, delicatessen, decorative objects, etc.? Take advantage of the unique opportunity our Christmas markets offer to present your products

to a large audience.

Become a sponsor!

We collaborate with more than a hundred companies from Montreal and Quebec (suppliers, artisans, partners…) with the main goal of promoting Quebec’s cultural heritage each year by transmitting intergenerational values, sharing and the knowledge of the people of Quebec. 


Through these activities, we are committed to the economic, cultural and social revival of Quebec. 


We are also looking for partners who share our vision of serving

Quebecers and contributing to their well-being, while respecting the high standards associated with such a responsibility. Does your company

also cultivate these values? Get involved with us now and ask for our sponsorship program.

Become a volunteer!

The team, active since 2015, is structured as an NPO.

It is managed by about fifteen people and is supported by a community of about one hundred volunteers who commit themselves all year long.

The organisation is committed to a sustainable development of society,

this means development that combines environmental, social and economic aspects in an integrated and balanced way.


Do you have free time and want to get involved with us? 

We need you, so don’t wait any longer, join us!